A New Night was Here: A successful event for Jen Brown and the SRC…

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First Class Bash was Jen Brown’s first big event at UNBSJ as this years social director with the Students’ Representative Council. “I was really nervous and the job was not easy. I was stressed to the max.” says Brown as she tries to cool off from the dance floor.

Students started pilling in as early as 10:00 p.m. to this free event ready to dance and socialize. “It was slow at first, security was not prepared” says Brown, “I have never seen that many people line up for a bash at 10:00 p.m. throughout my entire three years here at UNBSJ.”

The Baird Dining Room reached its full capacity by midnight with students still lined up to at the doors.

Beats were laid all night by two of the hottest DJ’s in Saint John; House Master and La Reine. Bud shots were being sold for $2.25 a piece due to the fact that this was a bud shot release party.

If you were lucky enough to run into Jen Brown at the bash, she was handing out free bud shots. “I’m handing out free shots to people who don’t look like they are having enough fun, and to people who are having too much fun.” After students got their drinks, they could enjoy hot dogs being sold outside the Baird Dining Room.

Matt Greene, a first year student at UNBSJ, won the Mazda Cruise. This was a draw that had been going on for the entire week leading up to the bash.

Students did recognize that there was a small issue with the amount of guests that could be signed in. The sign in sheet allowed for 50 guests, however, there was an executive decision made within the SRC to close the list once it reached 80 people. It was securities decision to only allow the first 50 to arrive into the bash, turning the other 30 guests away.

“It got so much easier towards the end of the night” says Brown. The overall consensus of the student body was extremely position and this event definitely raises eyebrows for what Brown has in store next.

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