Connecting with Coaches: Men’s Basketball Learn more about Peter Vincent

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Peter Vincent is taking on the task of coaching the men’s basketball team at UNBSJ this year. With 20 years of coaching experience, from minor basketball in KV to house league and rep teams, to high school basketball at Rothesay High and Saint John High where he still coaches, he is bound to be a positive force for the Seawolves.

Vincent sees coaching for UNBSJ as a new challenge. “It was certainly one of my goals to continue coaching at the higher levels,” he says. Vincent looks forward to having the opportunity to provide his players with continuity and to help local basketball players develop in the game that they love.

The men’s basketball team has a coach with big goals set for the year. Vincent says, “I want a team that works hard for themselves and each other, I want a team that earns respect in the league, and ultimately one that earns a playoff spot this season.” Not only does he expect a lot from his players, Vincent also expects a great deal from himself. He plans to work hard and to put in the necessary time for his team to improve together.

Points that Vincent will be working on with the men’s basketball team include improving conditioning in the pre-season, along with speed, agility and quickness. After this base is developed, he will focus on creating a skill set.

Returning players that Vincent believes deserve some attention are Jared Crawford and Cameron Montford. New players on the court include Kayden Roy, Ryan Williams and Malcolm Secord to name a few. “It’s really hard to say too much about the players,” says Vincent, “many of them are new to me and we are just getting acquainted with one another.”

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