Connecting with Coaches: Men’s Volleyball Learn more about Colin Rouse

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A familiar face has taken on the position of head coach for the men’s volleyball team this year. Colin Rouse, the former assistant coach, has stepped up to the plate as head coach for the 2012-2013 athletic year. Rouse has been coaching at various levels, from club volleyball and middle school teams up to the Collegiate level for the last six years.

Rouse has chosen to continue coaching the Seawolves because he believes in the tradition and the ability of success from the UNBSJ players, which he says is evident from the various ACAA championship banners hanging in the gym. Rouse said “my desire to continue to be apart of this legacy of success has lead me to the position as head coach at UNB Saint John,” a position he holds with pride.

As the new head coach of the men’s volleyball team, Rouse plans to focus on improving his coaching abilities and pushing his players to be the best possible team that they can be. “What I expect in return from my players is hard work, dedication, desire to win, and academic excellence,” says Rouse. A combination of attributes that should lead the men’s volleyball team to their goal of the playoffs this year.

“Without giving away any of my coaching secrets, I can tell you where a lot of our time will be focused,” says Rouse. He plans to work on perfecting fundamental skills followed by more advanced skills. Fitness is also a key focus for the team this year because according to Rouse, the ability to pull through the fifth set when physical exhaustion is pulling the tear down can mean the difference between first place and second.

Rouse believes that not one single player makes the team, but rather a combination of players with different skill sets will complete a team. That being said Rouse would like to welcome some new recruits to the Seawolves volleyball family: Matt Smith, Nick Fraser, Brennan McConaghy, Chad White, and Dan Kuske will be joining the team this year.

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