Connecting with Coaches: Track and Field Learn more about Jason Reindl

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Jason Reindl has been coaching track and field athletes for ten years, from the beginner level to high performance athletes who represent Canada on an international level. He is coaching at UNBSJ because he is the High Performance Coach for the province of New Brunswick.

Reindl’s expectations for the year are to provide his athletes with stable leadership so that they can work hard and achieve outstanding performances. “I want the team [to improve] on our AUS point totals while having more medalists at the AUS championships,” says Reindl, “hopefully this will lead to several athletes finishing the year ranked in the CIS top ten.”

As a coach Reindl plans to focus on the athletes. He says “Athletes develop at different rates and respond to training differently. I must be able to adapt my coaching to fit the athletes in order to gain maximum benefits of the training.”

Athletes to watch according to Reindl include Rachelle McDonald from Saint John who was the silver medalist at the AUS championships in the 300m last year, Zoe Barry from Fredericton who finished 5th and 9th in two events at the national championships and James Murphy, also from Fredericton, who has won many AUS medals as a distance runner.

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