Connecting with Coaches: Women’s Basketball Learn more about Kevin Munroe

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Kevin Munroe is an experienced coach who has been coaching for 20 years; he is an asset to the UNBSJ women’s basketball team. One of the reasons that Munroe continues to coach the Seawolves is that he loves the challenge of coaching an underdog team that gives it their all. ”We are the underdog tem with a lot of heart,” says Munroe, “we set realistic expectations and work hard when we are together.”

Munroe has been working on improving his own coaching skills by attending coaching camps in the US. He works hard to improve and he expects his players to do the same. As a team they have not yet set their goals for the season but Monroe said “A top four finish is something we hope to achieve.”

The women’s basketball team has a great group of returning players according to Monroe, and he looks forward to working with them. He hopes that a few new players will show up in September but “if no players show up we will have to go the year with just eight and hope that no ones gets injured or sick along the way,” says Monroe.

Even though they may be lacking a few players come basketball season and they are the underdogs, Munroe says the women’s Seawolves basketball team has a never quit attitude and “we will work hard and have fun and with a break here or there we hope to surprise a couple of teams.”

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