Meet The 2012-2013 SRC


Hey Seawolves,

I hope your first few weeks back at UNB Saint John have treated you well! My name is Brad Trecartin, I am thrilled to be your Student’s Representative Council president this year! I came to UNB Saint John in 2008 and will graduate with my business degree, with a major in Human Resources in the spring of 2013. I have truly enjoyed my time so far on campus having been involved in many different areas and taking advantage of the many opportunities UNB Saint John has to offer – such as the Co-op program, student abroad, and the SRC. As president, I am looking forward to working with an amazing team who are motivated to serve you, the students. and to bring some more spirit and fun to campus life. Please take the time to come to the SRC office and chat with us. Be sure to keep posted about the many things we have planned for the coming year!




Welcome to another year of university life. As your vice president student affairs, I will be engaging with students to gather information on what you need from this institution to make your time here the best it can be. I will also seek new ways to improve what may not be working for you. One of my main goals will be to get more students involved in campus life and to encourage our clubs and societies to do more for the school and its students. I will also be serving on the school senate to ensure your voices are heard among the highest levels of decision making. Council is here to serve you, please use us to your advantage, get involved and be engaged.


Ashley Macosky


My name is Nehad Syed. This year I will be your vice president external. I’m in the Bachelor of Business Administration program majoring in accounting. I love cars and basketball. My job for this year will be to have good government relations and address student issues, represent students to known government organizations, represent UNB Saint John students in the media, getting sponsorships, and expanding on the student discount program.


Hey guys,

My name is Jen Brown and I am very excited to be your new social director! I am going into my third year and pursuing a bio/psych degree. I was fortunate enough to be on council last year as the social representative and am pleased to put those skills into use as this year’s social director. I have lots of ideas but I would enjoy hearing from anyone else who has ideas and who wants to help out. Your university experience is what YOU make it and I’m just here to help you have a good time. My door is always open and I look forward to meeting all of you in the 2012-2013 year!

Jennifer Brown

Hi! I’m Anthony Enman and I am a part-time student at UNB Saint John. I am in the Information Communication Studies program with a minor in business. Technology and money are two things that really interest me and that is why I chose this program. As vice president finance I am keen on making sure that the finances of the company are properly spent and accounted for while ensuring that we adhere to our goals and responsibility of representing students and ensuring a transformative and eventful student experience.

Stop by the office if you want to chat. I am always available via email and am very happy to answer any questions you may have!

Hope you have a great year!!