Super Amazing Amazing Wagon Wagon Adventure Adventure: Why I bought it after five minutes into the trial

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Have you ever been playing a game when something so exciting happens that you put down your controller, point at your TV and say, “That was f**king awesome!” Well, after five minutes playing the trial for Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, I did just that.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, by the independent developer SparseVector, is a fast-paced 2D shooting game loosely based off of the old classic Oregon Trail. For those of you who haven’t died of dysentery, Oregon Trail is an educational game and cult classic from the mid-1970s. Unlike Oregon Trail, this game is not educational, but instead is hilarious and exciting. It randomly pieces together short action scenes into a flowing story.

From the beginning, the story started making me smile with its quirky parody of Oregon Trail. In the first moments of the game, you get to name your party and give them faces. I instantly knew I would like the game when pixelated text popped up saying “The first party member was Vince. Vince was a fine gentleman. He had an awesome beard.” I was then delighted to discover that the game has un-lockable wagons.

What really sealed the deal for me was the awesome game play and music. I adventured with my fine gentlemen friends, Jason and James, and fought off bandits, wildlife and mercenaries. Jason was ambushed by a pack of bears while collecting berries and barely survived. We then ran into a river. This is where the game suddenly became hard. I had to dodge boulders as I attempted to ford the river. We all drowned. It was awesome.

I bought the game off of the Xbox Live indie marketplace for one dollar. The game is also available on Desura. Both marketplaces offer a free demo that I highly recommend. If you enjoy the game then you can help out the developer by voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

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