Tabletop utopia: The Impossible Realities Convention

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I recently had the pleasure of attending the 11th annual Impossible Realities gaming convention here in Saint John. Impossible Realities is a full weekend convention that focuses on all forms of tabletop gaming. The convention also used to include video games, but they were dropped this year because the organizer for them was unavailable.

There were many organized events including Circus Imperium, D&D(various versions), A Magic the Gathering booster draft, and Munchkin Quest. Events also included LARP, a movie night and a costume dance, courtesy of Harbour Con-Fusion. Attendees could also pick up and play games from the free table.

This free table was my favorite part of the convention. It was covered in games, (mainly board games), which were provided so that you could play with friends. There was plenty of room to set up with buddies and try out a new game.

One game I tried out was the new magnet based game ‘Yikers!’ The game is played by taking turns with an opponent placing strong magnets on a felt playing field. If you cause another magnet to move, you must pick it up. The first one with no magnets left is the winner.

A row of vendors was also at the convention. The goods ranged from homemade food to D&D minis. The new tabletop action game ‘Infinity’ was also on display. I did not have time to play a demo game, but from what I was told it seemed similar to Warhammer 40K.

This year’s convention ran from Sept. 7 to Sept. 9. Day passes were $10 and weekend passes were $20. Weekend passes also awarded you with a discount at United Bookstore on games featured at the convention. If you have any interest in tabletop gaming I encourage you to check Impossible Realities out next year.

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