A car for a cruise

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It was at first class bash that Matt Greene was awarded King Mazda’s Frosh Cruise give-a-way. Laurenne “La Reine” Foley was master of ceremonies that night and called Greene’s name in the early hours of Sept. 15. According to Foley there were approximately six-hundred entries into the contest.

“UNB[SJ] lacks effective advertising. I find [that] I hear more about school events by word of mouth than e-mails, posters or any other advertising means the university has,” says arts student, Jenna Albert.

This sentiment was shared by Foley and King Mazda who used social media as their primary tool for advertising. The target demographic for new car buyers is people in their 20s and 30s, according to Foley, and it plays to the same demographic as her music, making this a perfect opportunity for all involved parties. As well as broadcasting on Facebook, from Sept. 4-17, King Mazda parked a promotional Mazda 3 parallel to Oland Hall. It was the only car in the parking lot without a parking pass to go without ticketing.

“I didn’t want to p*ss students off, but I wasn’t allowed to park the car on the grass,” says Foley in response to taking up an exceptional parking space with the decaled Mazda 3 for 13 days in early September.

Parking is a lot like running a successful business, in that location is everything. Across from Oland Hall lies what some might consider “premium parking.” The Mazda 3 on display (which retails for $15,895) was a promotional device and not the actual prize. By taking up a prime spot, it definitely did not go unnoticed.

The actual prize was a cruise out of Miami around the Caribbean. The cruise (priced at $1,500) is not an “all expenses paid” trip; in fact, if Mr. Greene plans to enjoy his prize, he will be forced to pay the taxes in full. At 13 per cent that means an expenditure of $195.

Mr. Greene was unavailable for comment.


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