Men’s soccer misses the mark against the Mystics: The Seawolves slump in their second home game

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The Seawolves’s home game against the Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Mystics on Sept. 16 started with some discouraging information.

UNBSJ’s player number 19, Mustafa Salesh, will be sitting out of upcoming games for at least a month. Salesh sustained a foot injury in the previous home game on Sept. 15.

UNBSJ played a frustrating game with some fancy footwork, resulting in bad or no passes between players. Snappy comments were also exchanged on the field.

The Mystics made the only score of the game halfway through the first half. The Seawolves had some very close attempts and number four, Dotun Olatunbosum, got the ball in the net but it was called off side.

The final score of the game was 1-0 for MSVU. UNBSJ’s head coach, Jason Brown, was disappointed in the way the men played. “We want to have at least our best effort,” says Brown, “the effort wasn’t there.”

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