Seawolves left out in the rain: UNBSJ men’s soccer game rained out Sept. 15

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UNBSJ’s men’s soccer game against the University of King’s College (UKC) was cut short with only 13 minutes left due to an unexpected thunderstorm and flashes of lightening.

In the first half of the game, before the lightening, the Seawolves played hard but the UKC Blue Devils played harder. 35 minutes in, UKC player number three, Matt Cousens, scored a goal from a dropped ball by UNBSJ’s goalie, Patrick Kaine.

During the second half of the game it started to drizzle and UNBSJ’s spirits began to dwindle as the Blue Devils kicked up their defence, shutting down all of the Seawolves’ attempts at the net.

Shortly before the lightening started, UNBSJ’s player 19, Mustafa Salesh, went down hard injuring his left leg and was carried off the field.

The lightening ended the game before the Seawolves could come back and score, finishing the game at a 1-0 loss for UNBSJ.

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