Seawolves play a no-score game against the Hurricanes: UNBSJ’s men hold their own against Holland College

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On Sept. 22 UNBSJ’s men’s soccer team gave it their all and played a good game against Holland College.

The Seawolves stayed on top of the ball throughout the game and nearly made a few goals in the first half. Number nine for UNBSJ, Victor Okacha, managed to get the ball in the net but it was called offside and didn’t count as a goal.

In the second half of the game the Seawolves continued to play well until number 10, Tyler Williams, was taken down hard, knocking the wind out of him, by the Hurricanes’s goaltender. Moments later Williams was knocked down again and was taken off the field with what appeared to be a shoulder injury.

Number 17, PJ Ward, made a great save but smashed himself into the goalpost in the process.

UNBSJ’s sacrifices paid off and they finished the game tied at zero.

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