Student Representative Council first meeting called to order: SRC over budget, plans for budget cuts in place

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On Sept. 25 the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) held their first meeting of the year. A wide range of topics were discussed, including amendments to university bi-laws, club budget cuts and the last of September’s events.

SRC President, Brad Trecartin, began the meeting with the first reading of the amended university bi-laws by the SRC’s legal council.

Over the summer, Trecartin met with the SRC’s legal council and drafted new bi-laws as well as removed outdated ones.  One of the new bi-laws states that the SRC are required to have a list of members (students) attending the university, but they ran into some privacy issues and the registrar refused to provide them with a list of names. They have now reached an agreement where the SRC is provided with a full enrollment list every September and January. Another new bi-law has to do with “in camera meetings” of the SRC; the term “in camera” means closed to the public. “These meetings will be used for private issues such as discussions on salaries and mediating any internal arguments,” says the SRC’s legal council. This is one of three necessary readings before the bi-laws can be approved by the SRC.

There is also a plan to cut club budgets this year. Last year, the SRC was over budget on clubs by an estimated $23,000. This year the clubs budget has dropped from $17,500 to $12,000 and the SRC plan on staying within that budget. “This will hopefully weed out any clubs that are just in it for the money,” says VP of student affairs, Ashley Macosky, “this will mean money for events, not cookies for Friday night meetings.” Funding for club events will be capped at $350, maybe more for events open to the public. The SRC is also planning on converting the club offices into general study rooms for students; there will be one communal meeting room for club use. “There will be some changes made to the club manual,” says Macosky.

Finally, VP social, Jen Brown, took the SRC through the events for the last week of September. Friday, Sept. 28 was Poker Night in the Student Centre. Saturday, Sept. 29 there was a bus ride up to Fredericton to help support our Seawolves and students were treated to free lunch at Boston Pizza. Brown announced the monthly Birthday Bash event, at the end of every month there will be cake in the cafeteria and students born in that month can enter in a draw to win a $100 cafeteria card.

Check out the SRC’s Facebook page where all of their events will be posted or Brown says, “If you have any questions come by the SRC office.”

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