Tales of a Drunken Paladin: This game is free!

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Yep, it’s free! There is no reason why you shouldn’t download Tales of a Drunken Paladin from www.drunkenpaladin.com and give it a chance. The game is much more enjoyable than the price suggests. I would happily pay $10 for this game.

Not sold yet? Let me tell you about the game. Tales of a Drunken Paladin is an indie title developed by Steve Gibbon with aid on scripts, graphical resources, sound effects and music (see drunkenpaladin.com/credits.html). The game is a top down role-playing game (RPG) that follows the style of old-school RPGs from the “Golden-Era” of RPG-gaming. It features beautiful pixilated art style and a great soundtrack. Combat uses a simultaneously-executed turn-based system.

You play as Anebriate, a washed out hero who has become a filthy rich drunkard in his retirement. The story begins with Anebriate losing his memory, equipment and wealth. It then follows him on his journey to regain his memory, complete quests and getter better loot.

The game entertains using well executed humour. It uses a mixture of adult-oriented satire, cultural references and parodies of RPG elements to develop its tone. The genius script, music and skilled voice actors achieve this perfectly. The game developer also claims that the game speaks about universal truths of humankind and the world we inhabit, but I have yet to delve deep enough into the game to get a good taste of these themes. This game is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16 because they will likely be unable to appreciate its themes and humour.

The current version for download is version two. Version two includes the two expansion packs “Big Trouble in Little China, Maine” and “Hobotropolis.” This brings the total game play time for version two to over 30 hours. 30 hours of quality gaming for free. It doesn’t get better than that.

For footage of this game and other reviews feel free to head over to my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/Vok250.

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