UNBSJ Speaks Up: The Baron staff asks students, “Do you think the campus bar needs a name change?”

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Laura Gordon, Year 5, BSc
“I think they should keep it as Colonel Tucker’s. It’s been Tucker’s since I was here in 1997 and it’s awesome. It has history and it’s personal to the campus.”

Celia Cormier, Year 1, BA & Tori Collette, Year 1, BA
“I think they should call it Seawolves Bar or something with wolves in the name. And it would be cool if they had a howling wolf behind the name.”

Mary Hewitt, Year 3, BA & Rachel House, Year 3, BA
“I don’t mind the name, I think we should keep it as it is.”


Jaclynn Beckett, Year 1, Nursing and Justine Griffin, Year 1, BSc
Jaclynn- “I think it’s a different name and I think it should be a little more modern.”
Justine- “I don’t mind Colonel Tuckers, especially if it has history. Even a nickname would be cool.”


Christian Kenny, Year 2, BSc
“I’ve only been there once. For someone that goes there casually for a beer it’s fine, the name doesn’t really make a difference.”


Jaclyn Fillmore, Year 4, BSc
“I like the name, I think it’s a fine name for a bar.”


Alex Skerry, Year 2, BSc
“I like the name but if you want to change it to ‘Cyst’ or something that would be funny.”
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