Additional study space in Student Centre

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With midterms in full swing, many students are seeing a need for additional study space on campus. In order to tackle this need the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has recently converted two former offices into quiet study rooms.

After the Ward Chipman Library closed its doors last year, students found that that the new Hans W. Klohn Commons library did not offer what they needed to complete their studies. The lack of study space has been a growing issue for some time and many feel that the university has not been able to meet the demand. Understanding this need, the SRC welcomes students to use two rooms, located in the Thomas Condon Student Centre as needed. The rooms are equipped with a desk and couches in order to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for students. Computers will also be added to the rooms in the coming weeks. The study rooms are available for use all day. They are opened first thing in the morning, and security will not be closing them until after 11 p.m.

The new study rooms allow the SRC to be more accessible to students, while providing a space out of the way from hectic campus life.

As expected, a few clubs and societies aren’t thrilled about losing their private offices this year. Ashley Macosky, vice president of Student Affairs played a major role implementing this change and explains that four clubs occupied the two study spaces last year and that three were not actively contributing to campus life. “Clubs that were only concerned about having access to an office have been the only ones to raise any real issues,” says Macosky, “some have no interest in being a club as result.” For the most part, active clubs on campus have no issues with these changes. Although having an office on campus is a nice perk, it is not crucial for running a successful club.

Clubs now have access to room 224 of the Student Centre which has been converted into a meeting room and those looking to use it are encouraged to book a time slot posted on the door. Clubs also have access to storage through the use of a locked closet for their supplies.

Brad Trecartin, SRC president believes that the new changes will greatly benefit the student body. “We want the Thomas Condon building to be more of a student centre,” says Trecartin, “the new study spaces and televisions installed in the cafeteria will encourage students to spend more time here.” The Whitebone Lounge is also open to students to hang out, play pool or study –although there is no guarantee how quiet it may be in there.

While the new study rooms seem to be relatively quiet right now, the demand for additional space is sure to pick up in the next few weeks. Next time you find yourself frantically looking for a space to settle down and get some work done, be sure to keep the new quiet study rooms in the Student Centre in mind.




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