Deer Tick to appear live at Pepper’s Pub

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UPDATE: Deer Tick show cancelled at Peppers Pub

If this is the first you’re hearing of Deer Tick, then you are in for quite a treat. The Rhode Island based rock/alt country/who-cares-about-genres group has made quite a name for themselves, most notably appearing live on the David Lettermen show. Currently touring their latest album, Divine Providence, they’re landing here on our doorsteps on Oct. 16 at Pepper’s Pub.

Deer Tick is an energetic band and is very unique in how they operate. I had the chance to have a phone-in interview with Rob Crowell, the keyboard and sax player, and he provided some insight. “We’re not very good with rehearsals. Once everything comes together we just sort of go with,” says Crowell, “just before the tour began we had one rehearsal, and away we went.”

Rob Crowell is from Canada, currently residing in Ontario, and was raised in Fredericton. Although not a founding member of the band, he’s proved himself to be a valuable member none the less. “On one occasion our drummer broke his arm and I ended up having to cover for him. We, as a band, know each other well so it was an easy transition into his place,” says Crowell.

With this latest album, Deer Tick demonstrates their musical abilities as well as their song writing skills. Infusing elements of what every rock band should have, they deliver a strong variation of sounds with spot on vocals that make the package that much more whole.

Divine Providence will be the fourth album that Deer Tick has released, as it takes a dramatic shift from their last album, The Black Dirt Sessions. I made the mistake of asking Crowell if the folk influence was something they wanted to keep incorporating with their music, to which he hastily replies with a laugh, “We are not a folk band. Just because there’s an acoustic guitar doesn’t make us folk! We do what we want, and we have the creative freedom to do so.” Divine Providence is louder with more emphasis on quick chord progressions that attribute to an almost punk, noise rock feel.

Deer Tick is a band that you can’t afford to miss. With so much energy and suave to their act, it’s a show anyone will be able to have a good time at. Deer Tick just isn’t a talented group of musicians; they’re cool and fun. They are what a rock band should be and most definitely have a promising future ahead of them.

Come see them on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at Pepper’s Pub! Be sure to check out my favorite songs from Divine Providence at the





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