Get to know your SRC: Jon Cogger

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Jon Cogger is a third year student who has been on the UNBSJ Students’ Representative Council (SRC) for two years now. This History and Political Science major sits on the SRC as the Arts representative; he is also a member of the senate and the board of governors. From the very beginning, Cogger has had one thing in mind, “My first priority is to increase the accountability and transparency within the SRC and to ensure that the best interests of the students are always taken into consideration,” he says.

Cogger’s job is to represent the students in the Arts program; he acts as their voice, transmitting concerns and any questions that they may have to the SRC. His role on the senate is to review policies for school administration and make suggestions regarding student life from a current learner’s point of view. Cogger has an even larger job on UNB’s board of governors. As the only student to sit on the board, he represents both campuses, advising his fellow members on a variety of policies regarding the health and finances of our university. He shares his position with many influential people in our community, including Eddie Campbell, the university’s president. On top of this, he is co-president of UNBSJ’s History Society and an active member of the Political Science Society.

Cogger’s passion for school involvement is strong, “Volunteering goes a long way,” he says, “whether it’s a few hours here or there, it helps immensely.” He encourages everyone to take part in student life, and advises anyone with an interest in student government to stop by and listen in on the SRC meetings.

Though his job description caters more to the Arts population, Cogger is willing to listen to anyone with something to say. In fact, it is one of his favourite things about being on the SRC, “I thoroughly enjoy meeting my fellow students on a regular basis. Whether it is to answer their questions, to facilitate their experience, or to simply chat—whatever the case may be, I am glad to be of service!”

Cogger can be reached by email at or by cell phone at (506) 333-5876.



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