Player Profile: Cara Savoie Sporting skills from an early age

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Name: Cara Savoie

Sport: Soccer

Hometown: Quispamsis, N.B.

Years playing: 16 years total and four years with the Seawolves

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology/Sociology)

Why play Soccer: “I continue to play soccer because I enjoy the sport. The people who I play soccer with tend to have a good sense of humour which makes the sport much more enjoyable,” says Savoie.

Future plans: “It’s been a great experience playing for this school. I hope to continue to play soccer in the future on a recreational team. I’m still deciding what my plans are for next year. I’m thinking about enrolling in a graduate program but I haven’t made any decisions yet,” says Savoie.
Savoie is an excellent player who has really shown her natural talents on the field this season. She demonstrates strong control over the game and ensures that she is the one to dictate the pace. Savoie is also an enthusiastic team player who enjoys the experience with her teammates.


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