Student Party Night a small success: celebrating Alexander Keith’s birthday country style

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Alexander Keith’s birthday was celebrated at UNBSJ in a big way on Friday, Oct. 5. To kick off the festivities, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) hosted a breakfast at Colonel Tuckers where students could get a great meal for just two dollars a plate. Proceeds from this event went to support the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Friday’s most anticipated event happened that evening as Colonel Tuckers was transformed from a breakfast nook into a full-fledged country fun-zone. Students ditched the books and pens for cowboy hats and flannel to take full advantage of the free Student Party Night. Doors opened at 10 p.m., and a crew sauntered in, ready to dance, hang out, and forget the worries of upcoming Midterms.

Drink specials that had been in place throughout the day in honour of the 216 year-old draft king continued into the night. Party-goers could get themselves a cold Keith’s for just three dollars. The SRC’s social director, Jen Brown, was excited about the festivities, “I just love doing this. It’s very, very fun,” she says.

After the success of First Class Bash on Sept. 14, Brown knew that this party was a no-brainer, “I wasn’t stressed at all,” she says, “where it’s a smaller event, the numbers are cut in half. I wasn’t as worried about [this party] as I was [with the first bash].” Though it boasted a smaller crowd, the students who did attend were very pleased with the outcome. UNBSJ can look forward to more party nights in the future.

For a heads up on future party nights and other SRC events, keep an eye on the walls of UNBSJ for posters and promotions, or check out their Facebook page at:


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