UNBSJ Speaks Up – How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Zach Kennedy, Engineering Student
“I’d camp out on a school roof-top with lots of weapons and bait zombies for fun.”


Stephanie Rancourt, Sports Psychology Student
“I probably wouldn’t survive, but my instinct would be to run.”
Mike MacLeod, Business Student
“I would treat it like the Holocaust and stay in an attic with a lot of weapons.”
Liz Daley, Science Student
“I probably wouldn’t hide out. I’d constantly be on the move, travelling north because zombies don’t survive in the cold. I’d travel alone, taking out any competition on the way. Eventually I’d create a vaccine and I’d have survived on Twinkies the whole time.”

Julia Leek, Psychology Student
“I would probably forfeit. Due to strength in numbers I’d live longer as a zombie, plus you wouldn’t be left by yourself.”
Ethan Macleod, Engineering Student
“Zombies are attracted to urban areas so I’d go rural with a small group of people. We’d live off nature and make sure to maintain weaponry.”
Chelsea Daley, Business Student
“I’d go solo; I wouldn’t want people to slow me down. I’d constantly stop for supplies and I’d never stay in one place too long.”
Bethany Reinhart, Environmental Biology Student
“I would eat plants from the forest and hide in trees. I’d practice combat in my spare time.”
Anthony Pascon, Psychology Student
“I would suicide.”
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