A close match between MSVU and UNBSJ: The women’s Seawolves volleyball team hold their own against the Mystics

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UNBSJ’s women’s volleyball team gave it their all and demonstrated their skill against the Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Mystics in their home opener game on Nov. 3.

The Seawolves took the lead with some excellent blocking and strategic sets in the first set of the match. The Mystics mirrored their skill and caught up to tie the score several times in the set. After an intense timeout where the score was tied at 24, UNBSJ stepped up their game and won the set 26-24.

The second set was equally charged, but MSVU pulled ahead early, due in part to the lack of communication between the girls on the home team. UNBSJ started to close the gap towards the end, but the Mystics still took the set 25-22.

In the third set, simple mistakes by the Seawolves cost them points. Not calling the ball and hitting it out of bounds meant that MSVU won the set with a huge gap of 25-12.

UNBSJ pushed hard in the fourth set to attempt a comeback. They were still lacking communication on the court, but powerful blocking gained them some points. The set was point for point and the Mystics pulled all of their efforts to prevent a fifth set. The Seawolves barrelled through however and owned the set 25-23.

The fifth and final set was tense with both teams fighting for the win, but MSVU fought just a little harder and won 15-7, giving them the three set wins they needed to defeat the Seawolves.

The women’s head coach, Kevin Manuel, was happy with the way the girls played the match. “MSVU is a great veteran team,” says Manuel, “I think we played very well. The coaching staff are very proud of how they played today.”


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