Redwood Fields coming Live at Peppers Nov. 16

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Four piece Fredericton based folk rock group is coming to Pepper’s Pub to perform some songs from their latest EP and demos.

The Redwood Fields have performed with many famed Canadian acts, such as Hey Rosetta! and Coral Bear. Most recently performing in the Harvest Festival in Fredericton, this will be the second performance that Redwood Fields has done at Pepper’s Pub.

Redwood Fields combine an assortment of genres into their work. The basis of their lyrics dwells in the comfort of traditional folk story telling, infused with an assortment of rock, dream pop and shoe gaze elements. Cedric Noel and Heather Ogilve provide intense and powerful vocals, with Bruce Devall on Percussion and Brendan MaGee on synthesizer. As far as releases go, unfortunately they don’t have a lot of studio work completed, as they’re still trying to get their feet on the ground.

I recently had a chance to have a phone in interview on my radio show on Local FM with Brendan MaGee of Redwood Fields. Joined always by my cohost Patrick Harrington, Brendan gave some insight on what to expect. “We just recorded a two song demo, and we actually have begun work on our new album and will hopefully have that by January,” says MaGee. “As far as our small tour goes, we have a full set planned including some songs we hope to have on our hopeful upcoming album.”

“It is an awesome vibe at Pepper’s. This will be our second time playing there, the first being this summer,” says MaGee, “we love playing at Pepper’s because we find the whole audience more involved with the music.” The Redwood Fields will be joined by Charlottetown based new wave band, English Words.

If you would like to hear more of their stuff, check out their website at, or check out The Baron’s Youtube page at for one of their live performances.


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