Seawolves second success against the Dragons: UNBSJ sweeps USA twice in one weekend

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The Université Sainte-Anne (USA) Dragons took on the men’s Seawolves volleyball team for the second time on Nov. 4. USA was looking to redeem themselves after their loss the previous day against the home team.

The Dragons came back hard in an attempt to prove themselves on the Seawolves court. The first set gave USA some hope as UNBSJ made sloppy mistakes, costing them points. The visiting team took the lead early on and at the first timeout the score was 11-6 for the Dragons. After some tremendous effort from USA, the Seawolves managed to come back from behind and win the set 27-25.

USA again took the lead in the second set, demonstrating that they were not willing to back down against UNBSJ. The Seawolves were determined to win both games in their home opener weekend and began delivering some hard hits that the Dragons just couldn’t stop. The final score of the set was 25-22 for UNBSJ.

Once again the Dragons took the lead in the third and held on to it for most of the set. The Seawolves were again determined to finish the match with a 3-0 win; they played hard to come back and control the set. The final score was 25-20 for UNBSJ, making them two for two so far in the season.

“I’m pleased to be 2-0 at the start of the season,” says head coach, Colin Rouse, who is already looking to the future. “We need to continue to improve in practices and play stronger teams,” says Rouse.

The Dragons head coach, Jean-Louis Comeau, was obviously disappointed with the two losses but remained positive toward the home team. “I thought they were pretty good games,” says Comeau, “[The Seawolves] are a pretty good team and just seemed to play the games better than we did.”


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