Women’s basketball home opener: UNBSJ miss with the Mystics

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The women’s Seawolves basketball team opened the season on the home court Saturday, Nov. 3, against the Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Mystics. The girls played hard and gave it their all, but their first home game win slipped out of their hands.

In the first quarter of the game UNBSJ was granted multiple foul shots, but the home team had trouble sinking the would-be easy baskets. MSVU soon took the lead and held on to it for the rest of the game.

The Mystics continued to rack up the fouls in the second quarter, but it wasn’t a hindrance to their game. At the halftime buzzer the score was 38-27 for MSVU.

The UNBSJ women’s head coach, Kevin Munroe, was surprisingly content with his team, “It’s nice to see some shots fall in,” says Munroe, as the second half of the game began.

The Seawolves came back strong after halftime and played well, but they lacked confidence and continued to miss the net and not take chances for easy baskets. Their conservative game resulted in a score of 48-34 for the Mystics at the end of the third quarter.

In the final stretch of the game, UNBSJ started to catch up to MSVU but they couldn’t quite muster the effort to surpass them. The final score for the first home opener of the day was 60-52 for the visiting team.

Munroe stayed positive despite the loss and commended the girls for improving their shots in the second half “If we shot like that in the first half, we would have won the game,” says Munroe.


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