UNBSJ Speaks Up: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Haemee Lee
Second year
“Knowing everything, so I could pass all of my courses. It’s really gonna help with school and taking over the world and stuff.”


Sha Bo
First year
“I want to control fire! I could heat things up pretty quick.”


Jennifer Mott
Third year
“I want to be able to fly because I want to go places a lot easier without the great costs of a plane. I’d be fast, too.”


Casey Shelley
Second year
“I’d want mind-reading because I want to see what people think of me.”
Thomas Johansen
Second year
“I would like to be Dr. Manhattan because he is the most powerful superhero ever conceived; he’s basically God.”


Kyle Lanteigne
First year
“I’d want to be able to fly, ’cause you could probably get around a whole lot easier.”


Brandon McQuade
Second year
“I’d want the power of invisibility because I could use it both to fight or flee. I could really avoid all disadvantage.”


Alyssa Parent
Second year
“I’d want to be able to teleport, because you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.”
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