Campus Fashion — Formal Wear


The most prevalent feature noticed about on campus fashion this week has
been autumn formal wear. Leather boots, moccasins and a return of UGGS have
made their cowhide presence at UNBSJ. Amidst a sea of neutral tones, suit jackets
and sweater vests have been invading male fashion. On the female spectrum,
scarves are absolutely everywhere. Yoga pants, as always, are the feminine
university student staple and this trend doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime
soon. Conclusively, if you want to blend in, wear neutrals and try to be formal
because that’s where it’s at.


Melissa Webb
Allison Murphy
Katrina Pridgeon
Stephanie Blaney


Aleah Breen


Mateen Sultani


Shahriyar Yamini Ghaeishi
Hossein Meyghani
Derek Wurts