A close game for a clear win: UNBSJ stomps the DALAC Rams

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UNBSJ’s women’s basketball team took on Dalhousie Agricultural Campus (DALAC) on Saturday, Nov. 17 and played a tight game against the Rams.

In the first quarter, the Seawolves demonstrated that they were on the ball on the defensive front, which allowed them to take the lead early on in the game. Even with number 21, Laura Simonds, injuring her ankle and being taken off the court and number 5, Leanne Davis, taking a fall and chipping a tooth. The Rams were unable to move enough for effective passes which led to a score of 18-5 for UNBSJ in the first quarter.

The Seawolves continued to play a good defence, even though their new line didn’t play as effectively together. DALAC ploughed through aggressively, but UNBSJ frequently stole their ball, giving them a score of 38-9 before halftime.

The second half of the game had the same results as the first, with the Seawolves keeping up their defence and denying the Rams any chance at catching up. The turnovers continued and UNBSJ brought the score to 59-17 in the third quarter.

In the final quarter of the game, UNBSJ demonstrated that their strength lies in their defence. The Seawolves had several breakaways that resulted in some easy points for the home team. They were no longer concerned about their offensive game since their lead over the Rams was significant. The final score was 80-28 for the Seawolves, a spectacular win for the home team.

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