Clubs on campus: The Multicultural Society Embracing diversity on campus

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In such a diverse school like UNBSJ, it is important for the university to make sure that each nationality feels represented and welcomed on campus.

In order to try and satisfy this need, the Multicultural Society aims to provide students from all over the world with a place to be themselves, learn about other cultures and make new friends from a variety of different backgrounds.

The Multicultural Society is one of the largest clubs on campus and works hard to provide a wide range of events for all students throughout the year. Their main goal is to showcase all of the nationalities on campus and encourage anyone and everyone to take part.

Laurett Nwaonumah, president of the society, believes that it’s important for everyone to be aware of the club and what it aims to do, especially domestic students. “Canadian students seem to shy away from cultural celebrations,” says Nwaonumah, “they too have a culture and its one worth celebrating.”

Being part of the society is an excellent way to meet new people and become educated about the different cultures around the world. It allows students to have a better understanding of how people around the globe conduct their lives and become more open to new cultural traditions.

The Multicultural Society is an important contributor to campus life because it brings a sense of unity among those that share different ethnic backgrounds. For international students, being part of the Multicultural Society reminds them to cherish their time in Saint John while also trying to assimilate into Canada.

Creating lasting friendships and meaningful memories while attending UNBSJ are just as important as the academic aspect of the University. In order to cater to everyone on campus, the Multicultural Society organizes a number of activities and events throughout the year.

The biggest event is the annual Multicultural Fair that took place on Nov. 24. This “cultural fusion” themed event provides students with an opportunity to enjoy food, music and dance in order to showcase the wide array of culture on campus.

Due to its great success, the Multicultural Society has been able to put on a large fair like this for three consecutive years. While the Multicultural Fair is the largest event hosted by the society, they are also planning on hosting monthly events in the New Year, including movie nights and potlucks that encourage dishes from all over the world.

The student leadership behind the club includes an executive made up of four students. Each of these students are dedicated to the society, ensuring that the activities they plan are well received by the student body.

Bharat Tahiliani, a member of the executive, is in charge of promotions. He sees the importance in getting the word out about the society’s events and works hard to encourage students to attend. “Getting information out there really excites me,” says Tahiliani, “I’m curious as to whether […] people are getting excited about our events or not.”

As the Multicultural Society continues to be a big part of student life here at UNBSJ, its executive continues to encourage anyone that may be interested in joining to do so.

Being a part of this diverse society is bound to be a rewarding learning experience for all!

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