DALAC defeats UNBSJ in Volleyball: Seawolves not on their game against the Rams

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The Dalhousie Agricultural Campus (DALAC) Rams visited the UNBSJ home court on Nov. 18 and outplayed the Seawolves.

The game started off seeming hopeful as UNBSJ took the lead early on. Their attempts for a win were thwarted near the beginning as the Rams quickly caught up and surpassed the home team. UNBSJ didn’t seem to have their usual focus as the set continued and they lost 25-23.

The second set showed some improvement in the Seawolves’ game, but DALAC refused to let UNBSJ get ahead. Part of the Seawolves’ problem lied in their errors, such as serving into the net and out of bounds.

Number 9, Megan Fitzpatrick, was extremely encouraging on the court but it wasn’t enough to lift the UNBSJ’s game. A momentary hesitation from the home team led to DALAC achieving their final point to win the set 25-22.

UNBSJ continued to suffer in the third set as the Rams proceeded to dominate. It was clear that the Seawolves lacked a great deal of communication and made some fatal errors.

In the end UNBSJ’s volleyball team wasn’t able to step up which resulted in DALAC taking the third set 25-22, effectively winning the match 3-0.

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