Inprint Bookstore closing its doors: Get ready for a better on-campus bookstore

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The recent announcement of the UNBSJ Inprint Bookstore closing before year-end has left many people wondering about the logistics behind this decision and what sort of implications this means for the future.

Aside from the on-campus bookstore, UNBSJ currently owns another store located at 16 King Street. This location does not carry textbooks, but instead sells a wide variety of general trade books, clothing and other UNB merchandise.

As it is open to the public, this bookstore has been a way to link the uptown area with the university. People not attending UNB as well as tourists, are able to get a glimpse of UNBSJ through this store.

The Inprint Bookstore has seen an increase in competition since 2007. With the opening of new stores such as Coles in Brunswick Square and Costco, our bookstore just couldn’t compete.

With the renewal of the lease coming up, the decision not to renew was made due to the lack of revenue the store has seen in the last few years.

Christopher Callbeck, assistant vice-president, financial and administrative Services here at UNBSJ explains how the closure of the Inprint store will not affect the staff or students in any way, “There are no staff implications for our existing full-time staff members, who shared time working at both locations,” says Callbeck, “also the uptown store did not sell textbooks, so the impact to students should not be felt.”

Without the second store uptown, UNBSJ will be dedicating its time and energy to enhancing the campus bookstore. The on-campus bookstore, owned by Follett, will focus its core services, to provide textbooks and licensed merchandise to students, faculty, staff and the general public.

Although there was some negative feedback from students regarding the recent shift in ownership, the university hopes to change those opinions as they continue to grow and enhance the existing store.

Follett will begin extensive renovations in the early spring and will introduce a new design and reorganization of the campus store in order to better equip themselves for the sale of more books and merchandise.

Although it is a shame to see such a unique store closing in the city, the administration of UNBSJ and the company behind this decision feel that this change is for the betterment of everyone. It will allow them to create the best on-campus bookstore possible instead of having to juggle the two at once.

Emphasis will be placed on providing a service to staff and students that is of great quality and customer satisfaction.

The bookstore will also work on developing their inventory and hope to make better use of the website where students can browse and order books and merchandise there.

Follett is actively working out the details to close the bookstore and students can expect to see this change in effect on Dec. 31.




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  1. So sorry to hear that Inprint is closing…we invite students and the general public to our store, Dave Shoots, Bookseller, at 40 Coburg St. and the City Market (open Monday to Saturday, 8 to 5, open 9 a.m. at the Market). We specialize in out of print and antiquarian hardcovers (some trade paperbacks), with an emphasis on non-fiction and classic literature.

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