Seawolves ram the Rams: UNBSJ wins again against DALAC

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The Seawolves took on the Rams again and played an excellent game. They pushed their defence and upped their offense to claim another win.

UNBSJ took the lead right from the start and held on to it for the majority of the game. The team blocked consistently even though the Rams tried their best to get around the Seawolves. The score for the first quarter was 19-16 for UNBSJ.

In the second quarter the Rams managed to catch up and surpass the Seawolves as the home team’s defence started to falter. The slack in UNBSJ’s game was short lived as they took their place ahead of DALAC. It was a close score of 34-32 for the Seawolves before the halftime buzzer.

The Rams upped their defence in the second half, allowing them to creep past the home team momentarily. UNBSJ began to sink some smooth three point shots which allowed them to pass DALAC once again. The score remained fairly close but still in the Seawolves favour at 51-44.

The final quarter of the game was intense as the Rams blew past the Seawolves defence. It was anyone’s game as the clock ticked down but in the last few minutes UNBSJ pulled ahead for an admirable final score of 72-65.

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