Noise in the Commons a cause for concern: Orchestra and Choir perform during exam study period

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During the exam period, two events created a lot of noise in the Hans W. Klohn Commons while students attempted to prepare for their upcoming finals.

A choir and an orchestra performed loudly in the days before exams would take place. It was evident that students were becoming upset as these events could not have happened at a more stressful time. Student Christine Stewart says, “I get that they were trying to celebrate the holidays and trying to be festive, but the timing was crap.”

The structure of the Commons building allows for noise to travel throughout the study areas. The open concept and furniture layout within the building create a social atmosphere, causing many students to treat the area as a hang out.

Many have noticed the issue with the noise and when staff at the Commons became aware of the problem, it was reported.

The issue was addressed in last year’s Information Services and Systems Review. They acknowledged the loudness of the building and suggested that it be further investigated.

No one is certain as to when the inquiry will be over and in the meantime, students are finding elsewhere to achieve the quiet atmosphere required for studying.

Stewart says, “I just study in the cafeteria,” while others are making use of the new study rooms in the Student Services building.


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