UNBSJ Alumnus Part of Saints, Souls and Stars Exhibit

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The New Artisan Studio (NAS) is a new studio and has only been open for a few months, but it has been developing its reputation as a unique studio. Owners Heather Day-Thorburn and her husband, Kevin have been bringing in original artwork from North American artists and local artists and artisans.

NAS is currently holding an exhibit entitled Saints, Souls and Stars, where recent 2012 Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) graduate, Nina Elyse Savoie has been lucky enough to show her acrylic and mixed media works in a Saint John gallery setting for the first time. Savoie is displaying her work alongside three other artists: Bill Lapp, a photographer, Sandra Betts, a fabric and textile artist and Karen Knight, a potter.

Savoie has been painting with acrylics for the last 13 years and it has been a great way for her to express herself. She is able to release her colourful and complex imagination, as well as work quietly as an introvert.

She studied for three years in the disciplines of Fine Arts, Art fundamentals and Animation and Graphics. She had the opportunity to work in the animation industry for a variety of clients in Canada and overseas. Some of the shows she worked on were produced for YTV and Teletoon.

Savoie moved to Saint John to pursue her BAM degree at UNB, where she also majored in Human Resource Management.

The Saints, Souls and Stars exhibit is running until Jan. 29, 2013. This collection of work is original and bends the ideas some may have about art. Artists bring their own tastes and an invitation into their imaginations with each piece that they have created.

NAS also has a storefront with many smaller creations from the local art community. Be sure to visit the exhibit before Jan. 29, located on 87 Germain St. in uptown Saint John.



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