See more of Seymour: Get to know UNBSJ’s furry, friendly mascot

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Like most adopted puppies, it’s hard to say when exactly Seymour was born and when he joined the Seawolves’ family, but it can be said for sure that he’s a vital part of UNBSJ’s team spirit.

In a one time exclusive interview, Seymour shared some personal information in order to give students a glimpse into his mysterious and exciting life.

Seymour has been known to make appearances around campus at various sporting events to cheer on the Seawolves, as well as functions hosted by the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) to bring some school spirit to the atmosphere.

“It’s made me feel special right from the start to be the mascot for the Seawolves, I love this job,” says Seymour. He gives it his all when cheering for sports teams, because he believes that each and every sport is important and that all of the players deserve his very best.

Even the opposing teams are treated with fairness and respect. “I try to put on a good show for everybody,” says Seymour, “I want to make everyone feel welcome and have fun at the games.”

The best part of cheering for the Seawolves, according to Seymour, is getting to play with the kids. “They seem to really enjoy my dancing, and they even join in,” he says.

One of Seymour’s tasks as the official school mascot is to dance at the games that he attends. Over the years he has developed an innate talent for shaking his thing, a skill which he says blossomed at Mascot University, where dancing and entertaining were an important focus.

Even though Seymour is a stay at home kind of pup, he has had the opportunity to travel with UNBSJ’s teams. He usually tags along when the Seawolves are facing a championship game, that way he brings a little of the home court feel and spirit to the players.

Like all professionals, Seymour has a personal life which he keeps separate from his working life. He likes to spend a lot of time at home relaxing and sleeping. “I have two homes,” says Seymour, “sometimes I live in a cozy closet in the Athletic Center and other times I stay in the SRC office where I like to nap between events.”

When he’s not sleeping and resting up for a big game, Seymour likes to watch some TV, his favourite show being Big Wolf on Campus. He also enjoys watching movies like All Dogs Go to Heaven and White Fang, which Seymour says he’s watched at least ten times.

Seymour usually watches movies while he’s eating his supper. “I have a pretty balanced diet,” he says. He eats his vegetables even though he doesn’t like them and really likes to devourer chickens. “I sometimes like to snack on dragon meat and I occasionally munch on a ram or two from Nova Scotia.”

When Seymour does get out and about, he likes to spend time with other mascots. The Mill Rats’ mascot, Forman George and the Seadogs’ mascot, Fleaburn, have been seen out on the town with Seymour. “We’re not close personal friends,” says Seymour, since being a mascot is a very competitive job, “but we do hang at events and try to help each other out.”

Seymour is a proud supporter of the Seawolves and does whatever he can to entertain at the games. “It feels really good to give back to a programme that I love so much,” says Seymour, “not to mention I get to show off and have fun. Who wouldn’t want a job like that?”

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