Add some sexy to the bedroom with lingerie: How to pick the right style for your body type

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Everyone likes to spice things up in the bedroom from time to time. Why not treat yourself and boost your confidence while you’re at it? A well-fitting set of lingerie can make a gal feel attractive and confident, but how do you know what’s right for your body-type?

First of all, know your problem areas and more importantly, know your assets! If you know your body’s shape and size, it makes it that much easier to find lingerie that will flatter and conceal.

If you’re self-conscious about a small derriere, look for something that accents it. Bootie shorts and high heels are great for adding length to your legs and making your butt look super toned.

For girls that are not blessed with a chest, push-up bras work wonders and you can get them pretty much anywhere. Lace and other frills will draw attention up and make your girls look bigger. Well-endowed or saggy ladies can also benefit from a push-up bra because it will perk up your natural assets. Big-breasted beauties should also look for plus-sized tops that have an underwire. It will give your cleavage a lift!

Corsets work well for hour-glass shapes. If you’re self-conscious about bulges here and there, a well-fitted corset can work wonders in hiding your problem areas. A corset draws attention to the smallest part of your torso (your waist) and your boobs.

If you have large hips or legs, wear something loose and flowy. Stay away from corsets or other form fitting items that will bunch and pull in all the wrong places. A lace thong and a long, flowing negligee that accentuates the girls will look great on someone with full hips. The same goes for ladies that want to hide their bellies; try to direct the eye to your more favourable assets by wearing a camisole to drape over problem areas.

Stay away from sheen or silky materials if there are things you want to hide. Lace trim can make you feel very feminine and sexy. If you’re uncomfortable wearing next-to-nothing, a silk or lace robe can help you feel more covered up but add to your allure.

Make sure you match your lingerie to your skin and hair colours. Blondes will look good in lighter, pastel colours, red heads should look for earthy tones and brunettes usually look great in strong colours like blue and green. Most people look good in “sexy colours” like black and red. Matching sets will make you look put together and even sexier; you don’t want two clashing patterns to distract your partner!

Most importantly: know your size! There is nothing that will make you feel less desirable than ill-fitting lingerie. You don’t want strap marks, material bunching in the wrong places or to feel like you’re swimming in your unmentionables.

Confidence goes a long way toward looking sexy. If you feel good, you’ll look good!

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