Player profiles: Vivacious volleyball players Donovon Law and Sumire Maillet

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Name: Donovon Law
Home Town: Passekeag, NB
High School: Hampton High School
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Engineering)
Position: Middle Blocker
Jersey Number: 12

Second year with the Seawolves

Law started his volleyball career when he was 13. He only had the opportunity to play for one year due to his high school not having a team for him to play on.

In grade ten Law was able to continue playing and began to excel at his chosen sport. In grades 11 and 12, Law was even the team captain of his volleyball team.

Law has received a couple awards including, MVP in 2008/2009 and the Male Academic Athlete award in 2009/2010. With his experience as a captain in high school and his clear talent demonstrated by his awards, it’s evident that Law has the potential to be a leader for the Seawolves.

This dedicated player is not just a contributor on the court; he has done a tremendous amount to help his high school, his home community and humanity as a whole.

He was on the rugby and robotics team in high school, worked the score table for volleyball and basketball games, was a Peer Helper and Big Brother, a canvasser for the NB Heart and Stroke Foundation and the president of the Hampton United Church Youth Group.

Law enjoys playing volleyball because he loves the feeling of executing a really hard hit and he enjoys playing with a team. This year Law believes he and his teammates work their hardest and are on their way to bringing home an ACAA banner


Name: Sumire Maillet
Home Town: Salsbury, NB
High School: École L’odyssée
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Position: Outside Hitter
Jersey Number: 5


Second year with the Seawolves

Maillet started playing volleyball when she was in middle school, continued right through high school and into university. She has also played in the NB provincial league for the U14 and U15 teams.

In her last season with the Moncton Roofers she was even given the title of team captain.

Like many volleyball players, her favourite part of the game is the rush that comes after a big hit and the intensity that fills the court during a match.

Even though Maillet is a dedicated volleyball player, she still finds time for her studies and other activities. For example, she was the recipient of the Governor Thomas Carleton Scholarship. She has also volunteered at the Salisbury library for children’s programs, various church events at Saint Jude’s Catholic Church and been a scorekeeper for volleyball tournaments.

Maillet is already an excelled player, but like any dedicated athlete, she strives to improve. This year she wants to work on her technique and be more consistent on the court.

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