Another member of the team: Seawolves sports moms support their kids

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We all know the obvious, that athletes are a vital part of sports on campus, followed by coaches and the Athletic Department staff, but there are other important members of the Seawolves team who are often forgotten.

Sports moms, such as Lynn Munro and Alana Wilkins, are active team members, even though their positions are in the stands cheering on the Seawolves.

Munro is the mother of John Kearley, number 21 on the men’s basketball team and attends all home and away games as long as the weather permits it. “The sport has grown on me over the years of watching my son play,” says Munro.

Sports mom, Lynn Munro and son John Kearley

This sports mom has enjoyed watching her son grow as a person and as an athlete. “I like to watch my son interact in a sport he loves,” says Munro, “To see the improvement from a small child to a young adult is amazing.” She has also enjoyed watching the basketball team grow over the season.

Munro feels as though she has a solid relationship with the team, “I know all the players,” she says, “and encourage them all to do their best and play as a team.” She has also met Dave Munro, UNBSJ’s Athletic Director. Munro joked, “I think that means I hang out at the gym too much.”

Despite spending a lot of time in the gym, Munro still feels it’s important for her to attend the games. “I feel as a parent it is important to support your children in whatever they choose to do,” she says, “I have always been a part of my children’s extra-curricular activities.” Munro believes that if parents show support for their children, then they will do the same for their own children in the future.

Wilkins may not have a child currently on a Seawolves team, but her daughter Stephanie Wilkins, works the score table at all the home games. Wilkins tries to support the Seawolves and her daughter at all of the home games, so long as weather permits, making her a dedicated sports mom.

Stephanie Wilkins and her mother Alana

“My favourite sport is basketball,” says Wilkins. She has done everything from playing herself to coaching and now she is a loyal fan.

She attends the games because not only does she like to watch sports in general, but she also likes the atmosphere and excitement that comes from watching games. “It reminds me of when my children played,” says Wilkins, “and how important it is to have parental support.”

One of the aspects of attending games that Wilkins enjoys is watching how the teams develop teamwork, working as a unit. She believes “it’s very important for people to support the school and the teams because […] being a spectator shows moral support and helps urge the teams to play well.”

“I have a very good relationship with the teams and the Athletics Department,” says Wilkins. “I have been going to Seawolves games for almost five years,” which has given her the opportunity to socialize with members of the department, players and other fans.

Sports moms are obviously present to support their children as they participate in various ways in the sports they love, but they are also important for overall team spirit. “Team spirit is one of the key elements in helping any or all teams,” says Wilkins, “to strive and do their best weather they win or lose.”

Munro agrees that team spirit is crucial to the team’s performance. “Team spirit can make or break a team,” she says. In order to show her team spirit, “I make sure they know I’m there for them, cheering the whole way.”

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