Artist Spotlight: Pat LePoidevin

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Hailing originally from Sackville NB, Pat LePoidevin is folk musician with a flare for loop pedals. He has toured extensively, travelling as far as South Korea.

His music consists of looping a ukulele and guitar backed by a friend on percussion underneath his intense vocals (which he also loops), which sends a torrent of beautiful sounds all at once that completely entices you.

I had the chance to see him perform this summer and it was truly captivating how time his voice could catch a strong vision of what home feels like. A home in a simple life in the woods, where snow days were a godsend, family trips were nostalgic and family meant something. He’s truly a poet and a talented musician.

The work that LePoidevin has put into fine tuning his technique has made him so capable of producing many different sounds, some passionate, whereas others are sad and longing. It comes from the heart with every song, which makes listening to his entire discography incredible.

LePoidevin has captured a melancholic lumberjack vibe in some songs and in others, has produced a family with their own life that gets you so caught up on each verse. How he does it continues to amaze me. His vocal range has such a wide variety of pitches, which he layers one on top of another, building a complex, intricate and mesmerizing album from start to finish.

LePoidevin currently has a new album in the works that should be ready by fall. To hear him, check out his website at

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