Domination by Hurricanes: UNBSJ suffers an extreme loss against HC

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Jan. 26 was a disappointing day for the men’s Seawolves basketball team, as they lost against the Holland College (HC) Hurricanes 109-41 in a home game.

It was clear where the game was going at the beginning of the first quarter, as HC took an early lead. UNBSJ was clearly suffering as it took them almost five minutes to score some points. The Hurricanes’ defence was strong and they wore out the home team quickly as they moved faster, handled the ball better and shot more often. The quarter ended with a score of 31-6 for HC. All six of UNBSJ’s points were scored by number six, Kayden Roy.

Four minutes into the second quarter, the Seawolves finally hit the double digets, but it was no use as the Hurricanes continued to own the court. UNBSJ played valiantly as they continued to slip behind and finished 60-17 at half time.

UNBSJ regrouped after half time and attempted to push through the domination of HC. The Hurricanes held on to a 42-point lead for much of the quarter. The final score of the fourth was 77-29.

HC continued to increase their lead towards the end of the game, never letting up on the home team. All hope was lost as the game came to close, but the Seawolves never stopped trying and continued to make attempts to lessen the gap. Unfortunately for UNBSJ the final score was 109-41, giving the Hurricanes a big win.

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