Hooking up, f**king and the like: Are these types of relationships right for you?

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Engaging in sex can be a complicated thing. While your physical self longs to do the dirty on a regular basis, your morals can sometimes get in the way.

From booty calls and one night stands to f**k buddies and friends with benefits, all of these relationships can make or break your sexual fun. So before you jump into the sack with one of these unconventional ties, be sure to know exactly what you’re getting into.

A one night stand is a sexual encounter that only occurs once. The calls and texts surrounding the plan to meet up are confined to a small 24 hour window. These relationships are typically formed around situations such as weddings, recent breakups, travelling and drunken nights at the bar. The connection between the two involved is very brief but intense.

Some common feelings associated with one night stands are: “wanting to get it out of my system,” “I was so drunk,” or “I’m just looking for fun.” It’s important to make sure that both parties have the same expectations for this hookup and always use protection!

Booty calls are relationships solely meant for having sex. They’re often kept secret and although the pair may chat often, it’s usually only done through text messaging. The majority of chats revolve around planning when and where the two people involved will be doing it.

Hanging out in public together is discouraged and spending the night afterwards is usually frowned upon.

In a booty call situation, both people must be on the same page, acknowledging that they’re only in it for sex. Neither one should be interested in a relationship and emotions are often avoided. Getting to know each other isn’t important and dating other people is acceptable.

F**k buddy relationships are much more casual and friendly. Their plan to meet up often revolves around messages enquiring about the others plans for the night. These buddies seldom make plans with each other but are fine being seen in public. The meetings are often spur of the moment or happen when nothing better is going on.

F**k buddies are social play friends. Their relationship is built on fun, casual sex and can continue until one the members starts seeing someone else romantically. However, if that partner returns to single status, a f**k buddy relationship may start up again.

Friends with benefits are actually friends outside of their sexual encounters. They make plans to hang out with each other and are part of the same social circles. They aren’t interested romantically but may feel extra comfortable in the bedroom based on the foundation of their friendship. They don’t always engage in sex when they hang out, but are fine if it does happen. Friends with benefits genuinely care about the welfare of each other.

Your view on these atypical relationships may vary based on your religion, culture, morals and experiences.

Regardless of your current sexual situation, being on the same page as your partner is crucial so that neither one of you get hurt.

Society will continue to have mixed feelings on what is sexually right and wrong, but remembering that you’re in control of your sexual self is key!

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