The sexiest top three video games

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Sexuality has never been hard to find in video games. In fact, ESRB ratings have been telling gamers which games contain sexual content since 1994. The rating is right on the box! The challenge is finding games that use sexuality well. I don’t expect many people would be actively looking for this kind of game, but for the sake of this month’s theme, I have chosen the three games that I feel make the best use of sexuality.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is an obvious go-to example for great use of sexuality in a video game. The game itself is an RPG experience that no science fiction loving gamer should miss. It uses an engaging gameplay design where dialogue and gameplay choices actively affect the relationships between the player and characters in the universe.

This unique and well-implemented system leads to heavy investment and attachment to the characters that the player shares their adventure with. Now add the ability to have relationships on top of that. The relationships are scripted and it’s painfully easy to get laid, but the great writing and atmosphere give the sequences value.

There are three full blown relationship options for each sex. You can also have sex with three other less-prominent characters, regardless of what sex you play as. A skilled player can get it on with all six options in one playthrough, but the point of the game is to challenge you into making a decision. For male characters the choice is the iconic decision between the ultra-sexy Miranda and the nerdy, alien Tali. There is also Jack, but Jack is an a**h*le. I could talk for hours about the choices in Mass Effect 2, but instead I am going to let the game talk for itself.

Fable 2

Fable 2 is far from a perfect game, but its RPG elements are a lot of fun and the main storyline is worth at least one playthrough.

Where Fable 2 lacks in depth, it makes up for in freedom. The player is given near complete sexual freedom. No matter what sex, the player can get it on with almost anyone in the game given the right circumstances. The entire concept is approached from a humorous standpoint, with gameplay statistics for contracted STDs and achievements for sexual endeavours.

Condoms are a key mechanic of the game and unprotected sex can lead to children, bad moral alignment or STDs. It’s possible to have non-marital sex, extramarital sex, sex with multiple people or any combinations of the previous. Depending on who you marry, your wife may require sex in order to stay happy. The family system in the game is decently fun, while not imposing too much on the main gameplay. The act of sex is just a black screen with humorous dialogue and it lasts about five seconds.


Bayonetta is Devil May Cry with a truckload of boobs and ass dumped on top. It’s easily one of the best action games I have played this generation. Bayonetta plays similar to most action games in terms of hack-n-slash gameplay and leveling. It features an awesome Japanese style and is creative and exciting.

The main character is an overly sexualized female witch, whose hair acts as her skin-tight suit and special attacks. The game is a satire of the over-sexualisation of female characters in Japanese games. This approach is both genius and hilarious.

The promotions for the game even advertised an autoplay mode that could be played with one hand. Bayonetta got mixed reviews as many reviewers did not enjoy the game’s aggressive sex appeal. The thing about a game like this is that you get exactly what the box says you’ll get. If you’re looking for a great Japanese-style action game with plenty of mindless combo mashing, or to get some one-handed game time, then Bayonetta is for you. Just be forewarned, Bayonetta is a game that screams, “Look at my breasts and be in awe!” and it doesn’t take no for an answer.

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