Artist Spotlight : The Strumbella’s

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Recently performing at Pepper’s Pub, Toronto based, blue grass influenced, indie folk rock band, The Strumbella’s have a demanding stage presence. Having received rave reviews for their Canadian Music Week debut, CBC called them a “band to watch,” while their 2009 EP was well-reviewed on various mediums.

February 2012 saw the release of their highly anticipated debut album and since then the band has been touring and working extensively.

The Strumbella’s have many strong qualities, perhaps their finest work being their lyrics. They’re relatable, catchy and very original. At first glance they’re a bit more of the traditional indie rock genre, but they add their own layer of thunderous blue grass emotions and stories that you rarely see so well incorporated into the genre. Most songs come with a little snippet of a story, usually funny and then it dawns on you that they’re not just performers. They’re storytellers that stand out for being crazy, funny and even magical.

The Strumbella’s have a loud and demanding stage presence, often having the banjo blasted much louder than it should and on purpose, they set out to be thunderous and demanding of your attention. They really do know how to put on a good show and they’re at the heart, very clever and decent people. For a band that has loud sound, the heart of their lyrics are really sensitive and emotional, often coming back to appreciating life for the gift that it is in the short time that we have it for.

The band has been touring quite extensively all of 2012 and already quite a bit so far into 2013. All their hard work has paid off, as the band has been nominated for the 2013 Juno awards for the Roots and Traditional album of the year. Fingers crossed!

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