Artist Spotlight: Sarah Slean

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Sarah Slean recently performed at the Imperial Theatre with an orchestral string section to showcase her talents. Slean is a unique artist from Ontario with a wide range of skills, including painting, writing, acting and of course her music.

Over the last 15 years of her career, she has released eight studio albums, been cast in two short films and a movie musical. She has also been backed by five of the country’s leading orchestras.

Since the beginning of her career she has been nominated for three Junos and two Geminis. She’s worked with a wide variety of other talented artists across the world throughout the career and she continues to dazzle audiences everywhere she goes.

Her latest double LP, Land and Sea is the pinnacle of her diverse talents. With help in production from Canadian famous songwriter, Joel Plaskett and composer Jonathan Goldsmith, the final product is remarkable. With majestic, thoughtful lyrics, tied together with beautiful composure, it’s an absolute breath taking experience from start to finish. It really ties together with the big questions of life and how everyone co-exists set on their own path. Still there remains a very warm presence in her voice that seems almost motherly in its delicacy.

Her artwork, poetry and musical ventures have all gone to show how her skills continue to grow with each new project that she takes on. Be sure to keep an eye out for her if she’s ever in your area, you will not want to miss her shows!

Aside from her music, you can also check out her artwork and videos on her website at

To hear some of my favorite songs by her, check out The Baron’s Youtube page at

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