Students’ Representative Council Elections: Katherine Miller running for science representative

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1. Hi! My name is Katherine Miller and I am a third year science student here at UNBSJ! I have had a great experience at this school so far and hope that as science representative, that my fourth and last year will be even better.

2.  I attended Saint John High School and served as the head of athletics on the student council there. I enjoyed meeting so many new people and being involved in school activities and I hope that I will have the same, or [an] even better experience here as a science representative.

3. Over the past three years, I have been a member of the student volunteer unit and a mentor for the promise partnership. I have also volunteered for many events going on around the school such as Shinerama and attended many bake sales ;).

4. I am very approachable and am willing to listen and bring any of your concerns or suggestions to the table.

5.  I believe I could help make your time spent here at UNBSJ more enjoyable and will try to reduce any extra stress that all science students experience on a day to day basis!

6. If I had the choice to be any famous person in the world, which I know is the question you are all really wondering about, I would have to say Bruce Willis; he is the man, made 5 Die Hard movies, Pulp Fiction and still a champ.. all American hero!

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