Students’ Representative Council Elections: Lindsay Clifford running for business representative


1. There’s so much I could say about myself, so why not cut it down a little into a good old-fashioned acrostic poem?!

Likeable, or so I like to think

Individual, I’m nobody else but me

Nice, not mean!

Delightful, always joyful

Social, a butterfly…

Approachable, frequenter of the commons

Yolo… just kidding

On a serious note, I am a third year business student here at UNBSJ and have enjoyed the learning and social experience I have received in these three years. As for outside of the school environment, I work as a lifeguard and I believe that I have gained a good share of leadership and team experience by doing so.

2. I have never been involved in any direct SRC experience, but have been available to help out with things in both my high school years and here at UNBSJ.
3. I have been involved with Shinerama for the past few years and this year I was a volunteer at the OREO competition.
4. I am interested in this position because I want to try something new and expand my network across all faculties.
5. If elected, I would like to help out with anything and everything that you business students have concerns about!
6. This is a tough question, but I will have to go with Rosie McClelland (Sophia Grace’s sidekick/hype girl) because I can’t really think of anything better than dressing up as a princess everyday and back up dance for my eight year old cousin… While getting spoiled by Ellen DeGeneres.