Students’ Representative Council Elections: Robert “BLee” Williams running for mature student representative


Year and Program: 2014, Sports and Exercise Psych

Positions: SRC Rep, Mature Students

About myself:

I am a father and a grandfather. I see the connection that we, the students of today, should be making with them, the students of tomorrow. I am also a student of yesteryear, beginning my university education in 1978. My perspective is that the past and future are critical to understanding how to handle the challenges of the present.

I am seeking a position on the SRC because I would like to see UNBSJ be more than it is. I see this as the responsibility of the students. The government provides funding, the professors present information, the bean counters keep the heat on, but the students make the university live.

I’d like to see us be a little more lively. I believe UNBSJ is not meeting the challenge of involving the local community in our school. I see this as a huge opportunity for enriching the school and the community and would be a major focus for me as a SRC Rep.