History Society predicting a successful pub-crawl: Group’s future plans resting on event turnout

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The History Society at UNBSJ is finishing off the school year on a high note with its annual pub-crawl on Friday, March 22.

The festivities begin at 7:00 p.m. at Colonel Tuckers where the first round of drinks can be purchased. Students attending will then be shipped off to the first destination by bus, where the night will really begin.

Ryan Carroll, one of the key organizers in the crawl is excited to see what the night will bring. “I’m really impressed by how much support we’ve had from other members of the society,” he says.

The group’s executive committee had spent the weeks before the event fundraising, advertising and selling tickets. Because it’s their first event of this magnitude, they capped the number of admissions sold at 50. To the surprise of the members, they went like wildfire and were completely sold out in just four days.

Carroll expressed a great deal of excitement at the enthusiasm students showed regarding the event. Not only did the tickets sell quickly, but in a split-fundraiser, the society also managed to raise over $200 for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Carroll’s excitement is reflected in the pre-event achievements of the group, who, on top of getting the numbers that they were looking for, managed to purchase t-shirts for all those in attendance. As the society is fairly new, it will be looking at the success of the crawl to gauge the size of future engagements.

“We did our best to meet the needs of the students so that our pub-crawl not only promotes our group, but gives the students a chance to socialize and fraternize with each other,” he explained, “if March 22 proves to be a success, I guarantee that next year there may be a few more events just like this one with an even greater turnout!”

Judging by the numbers interested, things are looking bright for the young society, especially after a slow start; not only are students getting involved, but their advertising is reaching further than it has before. New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) student, Doug Morrell commented on how he was looking forward to the event, “I’m actually pretty excited about it; a couple of my friends invited me to go and we’re going to have a good time. It looks sweet!”

Students will be transported to each location by bus until the festivities end at 2 a.m.

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