Saying goodbye to our graduating Seawolves

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Another year is in the books and as the teams reflect on the highs and lows of this past season, we now shift our focus to saying goodbye to our graduating Seawolves, as they leave the Wolfpack to start their own lives and careers.

Heather Cusack-Basketball: Cusack proved to be the definition of determination during her years with the women’s basketball team. After suffering a complete ACL tear while playing soccer, Cusack refused to be sidelined and vowed to work her way back onto the team. Though she butted heads with her coach over the strength of her knee and her playing time, she continued to recover and worked her way back into a starting position. Through her sheer determination to return to action, Cusack became a great example for the younger players on her team and will truly be missed by her teammates.

Laura Simonds-Basketball: Always willing to give 100 per cent, be it in a game or in a practice, Simonds proved to be one of the hardest workers on her team. As a player who preferred coming off the bench over being starter, Simonds’ transformed her game over the tenure of her career with the Seawolves to become a genuine force in the league around the basket. As captain of her team, she was heavily relied upon by her teammates, but was always willing to standup for them.  Though she may have been one of the shortest centre’s in the league, no one else could play bigger than she.

Christie Smith-Basketball: A three-time MVP and team leader, Smith’s drive and hard work were the cornerstones of a team that went from losing lopsided games to one that provided the rest of the league with solid competition. As a tenacious competitor who was always ready to elevate her game when needed, Smith was consistently one of the league’s top rebounders and shot blockers. Not only was Smith gifted both on and off the court as well as in the classroom, she is also a faith-based athlete, something that never wavered throughout her years as a Seawolf.

Jennifer Bergeron-Soccer/Basketball: Bergeron was a five-year member of the women’s Soccer team and each year she left her impact on not only her team, but on the league as a whole. As a passionate leader, Bergeron carried with her a strong desire to win and an edge that few opponents were willing to cross. Never shy to make the game her own, Bergeron was just as willing to let a teammate have the spotlight.

Alana Mallett-Soccer: Though she was a quiet athlete, Mallett  knew how to play and leave her impact on the game. A skillful, intelligent and surprisingly tough athlete, Mallet also brought a strong work ethic, doing whatever was needed to to get the job done. A genuinely sincere and all-around nice person, Mallett will be missed by the Seawolves as not only an athlete, but also as a person.

Emily Smith-Soccer: Not only a tremendous and passionate athlete and an important part of the women’s soccer program, Smith proved to be a wonderful teammate and a kind person. With a top-rate work ethic and an always present smile, Smith helped make the training place an enjoyable spot for her teammates. With her positive and supportive attitude, as well as her competitive drive, Smith personified what the UNBSJ Athletics strives to represent.

Nicole Cormier-Soccer: Cormier was a great athlete during her years with the Seawolves and was completely committed to UNBSJ Athletics. Though she struggled with injuries over her career, Cormier was always at the field, be it 7 a.m. or 7 p.m., to support her teammates. Always on the lookout for ways to improve, Cormier’s presence and contribution to the women’s soccer program will be missed.

Cara Savoie-Soccer: As a four-year member of the women’s soccer program, Savoie brought a tremendous skill level to the team and over the years continuously demonstrated how good of a player she was. Though she dealt with knee injuries and was challenged to change her game, Savoie blossomed into one of the team’s playmakers in her final year, as well as one of the league’s most skillful players. Savoie left big shoes to fill, both on the field and off  and will certainly be missed.

Rachelle McDonald-Track and Field: As a three-year member of the track and field team, McDonald’s hard work-ethic and commitment to the team and sport is shown through in her results. She was a one-time AUS all-star as well as a bronze and silver AUS medalist. McDonald also holds the team record for the 300 metre sprint.

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