Seawolves soccer: A look back at UNBSJ’s 2012 season

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The Seawolves didn’t quite dominate the soccer pitch this year, but both the men’s and women’s teams gave it their all and played the game that they love with a fiery passion and constant dedication.

Both teams experienced bone chilling wins, rainy conditions, various injuries and officials forgetting to show up for the match. Despite the set-backs, the Seawolves pulled together as a collective whole and improved both as individual players and as a team..

The men’s team finished fourth in the regular season with four wins, four losses and two ties. The leading scorer for UNBSJ was Mackenzie Tamblyn with five goals in ten games played, he is ranked third for goals scored in the ACAA.

The women’s team slipped slightly further behind their male counterparts but still played a respectable season. The Seawolves women finished fifth in the regular season with three wins and seven losses. Jennifer Bergeron and Cara Savoie are tied for the most goals during regular season play at five each in ten games played. They are also tied for fourth placed overall in the ACAA.

In 2012 the Seawolves played a great season and have gotten the fans excited for what’s to come in the fall of 2013.

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